The Texas Pandemic Liability Protection Act (PLPA) took effect on June 14, 2021 and provides retroactive protections to businesses against lawsuits alleging damages due to an exposure to COVID-19.  The general provisions of the Act are now codified at Section 148.003 of the Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code.

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Kean Miller obtained the dismissal of a suit filed against its client, a foreign manufacturer of an industrial product who was sued by the Texas purchaser of the product, because the Texas court did not have personal jurisdiction over the manufacturer. A Texas court of appeals recently affirmed this dismissal.

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The Texas Supreme Court has ruled that Chapter 95, a statute that protects property owners from personal injury suits by employees of contractors and subcontractors, applies to claims against property owners for the negligent hiring of the contractor or subcontractor.

In certain circumstances, Chapter 95 of the Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code protects property