As a blended family, you face a unique set of challenges when it comes to estate planning. There are often emotional complexities, such as feelings of sadness, resentment, or jealousy that come from combining individuals from multiple families. There are also financial obligations and responsibilities to consider for children from different relationships. Recognizing these challenges

Many clients ask, “How do I keep my house from going into probate when I die?”  A Transfer on Death Deed (“TODD”) is one way to do this.

What is a TODD?  In 2015, Texas enacted Chapter 114 of the Texas Estates Code, which created and authorized the TODD.  Its main purpose is to allow

Many people complete their estate planning documents, place them in a safe/drawer, and never think about them again. It’s an understandable pattern, but estate planning requires maintenance just like your house, your car, and the rest of your valuable assets.  So when should you review and update your will or trust?

In a perfect world,